While Asian Americans are the fastest growing and best educated multicultural segment in the U.S., Asian Pacific Islanders remain underrepresented in corporate leadership positions in Fortune 500 companies.

“Rather than being overrepresented in Silicon Valley, Asian American executives are severely underrepresented. They may be hired in large numbers by tech companies, but Asian Americans are the group least likely to be promoted into managerial and executive ranks. Whites are twice as likely as Asians to hold executive positions. And while white women have made gains over the past decade as more have broken through the glass ceiling, Asian women have not experienced the same. In fact, they are among those least likely to be promoted, and their gap with white men has worsened over the last decade. So, while Asian Americans can get through Silicon Valley’s doors, they are unable to move up the ladders.

From the article: “Despite what you might have heard, Asian American CEOs are the exception, not the norm”, LA Times, 10/19/2017

To help meet the critical need for API leadership education and advancement, the Foundation launched a leadership enhancement program for current and upcoming leaders.

Since 2010, more than 600 individuals have experienced workshops hosted by the foundation. Many of the attendees have gone on to lead in various boards, businesses, and beyond.


  • 2010


    Foundation founding year

  • 2011

    Leadership Enhancement Program launched

    The first executive leadership class was held at Columbia University.



  • 2012-2013


    Regional trainings

    LEP expanded and offered training to the various AREAA chapters. The workshops were offered by Leadership Education for Asian Pacifics (LEAP). During this period the training reached San Franciscso, Chicago, Boston, and New York.

  • 2014

    Regional trainings continue

    The 2014 training was held in Hawaii.



  • 2015


    Arizona and DC Metro

  • 2016

    San Diego, Dallas, Austin, and Houston



  • 2017


    New York and New Jersey chapters

    Joint training with NY Manhattan, NY East, Central New Jersey, and Northern New Jersey

  • 2018-present

    Annual Leadership Enhancement for current and upcoming leaders

    After a series of regional trainings, the foundation re-formatted the leadership enhancement program into something that is even more intentional. In 2018, 50 leaders gathered in San Diego, CA to learn and mastermind with each other. The class of 2018 went through John Maxwell’s Becoming a Person of Influence module.