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3 Ways to Keep Learning That You Can Do TODAY

Ray LeBlond said that you learn something every day if you pay attention. These words convey intentionality and a disciplined approach to gaining more knowledge and wisdom. The day that people stop learning–whether we are conscious of it or not–is the day that we stop growing. A few implications of not growing include a literal […]

The Importance of Vision

Successful leadership entails having a vision that your constituents can get behind. “Without vision, a people perish” rings true in any endeavor and more so when it comes to leadership. It is the “why” behind what you do–the compass that keeps you in the right path when distractions try to derail you. It is what […]

Leadership Enhancement 2018

Last June 21-22, the foundation kicked off the summer with training for our up and coming leaders in sunny San Diego, California! Through the Leadership Enhancement Program, 50 of AREAA’s current and upcoming leaders mingled and learned from each other. The participants gathered for a welcome dinner at Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens, and the […]