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Here are the stories of two of the new homeowners

A Phoenix-area first-time homeowner purchased his new home after a long search for an affordable property in excellent condition. After immigrating to the U.S. in 1996, he saved money for several years and set it aside to buy a home for his family, which includes five small children. "I have been saving my money for years since I moved here," he said. "All I wanted was to purchase a home for my family. I have been searching for months, and finally my dream came true."

Another first-time homebuyer is a single woman whose goal was to purchase her own home by the time she turned 18 years old. She met with real estate professionals affiliated with AREAA's Arizona chapter, and discovered that the home listed through the AREAA Foundation's program was a perfect fit. By building her savings, and with the assistance of a gift from her mother, she was able to realize her dream one week before her 18th birthday.

Strengthening Neighborhoods

Developing Leaders Helping Communities Strengthening Neighborhoods Mentorship Program

The foreclosure crisis has decimated communities across the country, leaving behind empty homes in disrepair that had been vacant for weeks or months. The Foundation has worked with both donated and acquired properties to turn unoccupied neighborhood eyesores into homes where families can put down roots in their communities.

Partnering with non-profits and community revitalization programs, the Foundation has renovated and sold ten properties that are now occupied by new homeowners. With the help of Asian American real estate agents in each community, the program has made homeownership possible for first-time buyers in Phoenix, Las Vegas, Miami and Oakland. This year, the program is expanding into new markets, including Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas and Detroit.

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